MES modules, maintenance & repair, traceability

Modules for production planning, maintenance & repair and traceability, support you in your project planning and project flow.

FAS maintenance module

With the maintenance module you schedule maintenance procedures and accept the acknowledgement after completion of the maintenance procedure. You can flexibly structure the components of your systems and assign tasks to employees or employee groups. Maintenance types are freely defined, instructions and technical data sheets are supplied. Employees confirm the maintenance including the working time and initiate further procedures if necessary. The collected data serves as a basis for verifications and audits.

Extension: spare parts depot, auditable documentation, alarming

With the FAS modules for spare parts depot-management, reporting and scheduled-reporting and the OPC router, you extend the core functions to a complete maintenance management-system including auditable maintenance-documentation and optimization-processes (downtime minimization through maintenance bundling).

Technical data maintenance module

  • Hierarchical representation of systems and components
  • Integration into existing master data structure
  • termination
  • dynamic recalculation after breaks in operation
  • Informing employees about upcoming maintenance work
  • Free definition of maintenance types
  • Compilation of the necessary documents such as order, instructions, safety data-sheets
  • Receipt of confirmation
  • permanent storage of data
  • optional: termination according to machine states (e.g. switching cycles)


In principle, MES modules can run without further modules/project planning and provide basic functions for the tasks described.

FAS recipes

The tasks of recipe management are the creation of recipes, their logged changes and the control of externally loaded recipes. During planning, the system uses the production recipes in conjunction with order and warehouse management to check whether the required raw materials are available. You can use this module not only for production, but also for cleaning processes (CIP), for example.

  • Structured Recipes (Master/Sub-Recipes)
  • Step recipes
  • Transmission to the controllers (via order management)
  • Cascading version control (output versions are retained)
  • Recipe structures freely configurable
  • Storage of all recipes and versions in database, loading of the respective current version into the controller

FAS Orders

Order management coordinates production: After receipt of the order data (via transmission or input), the module determines possible batch sizes based on the recipes and stocks. Available materials are reserved, recipe and header data are transferred to the PLC.

  • Determination of possible batch sizes
  • quantity determination
  • residual quantity processing
  • Cyclic header data-transfer (configurable)
  • Recipe transfer to the PLC
  • material reservation
  • Planning by production lines
  • Connection of external systems possible (optional project planning), e.g. production orders from SAP systems

FAS Stock

The storage module ensures a smooth exchange of information between warehouse and production. The raw materials are reserved on the basis of the order and recipe data and are blocked for other batches. Materials are managed on a batch basis, taking into account the storage location type. All bookings are documented and traceability is supported accordingly.

  • Booking of stock-placements and -removals via barcode or manual entry
  • Rebooking, empty-bookings
  • Material reservation
  • Consumption-booking after PLC-confirmation
  • Manual locks and releases
  • Batch management by storage location type (e.g. “tank” = “batch mixing”)
  • Releases according to criteria such as batch, line, priority
  • Availability-check for containers, automatic log-on and log-off with support of the system
  • Coupling with conveyor-technology possible
  • Master data management
  • Posting history for traceability

Traceability with the FAS

Seamless traceability of all materials, raw-materials and finished products: FAS Traceability tells you, what was processed where and when and how. You interactively select raw material, intermediate or end product and see all upstream and downstream processing stages throughout the entire process chain. Live in web or optionally as a PDF-report.

  • Ready-to-use, database-supported module
  • Defined PLC-interface for taking over the required data
  • Batch-data is available live, immediately after transfer
  • Interface to QA-systems (LIMS, HACCP…) for corresponding verifications of the batch
  • Graphical representation of the process-chain with customer-specific “entry points”
  • Analysis from each process unit forwards or backwards to the beginning and end of the chain

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