FAS-inMOVE Operation & Monitoring – Visualization without limits

100% Web. 100% HTML5

From any web-enabled device – not only the office PC, but also smartphones or tablets – you can access your system visualization via browser, view actual values, charts with histories and alarms.

Possibilities with FAS-inMOVE

  • Machine data recording
  • System visualisation
  • Display of actual values
  • Display histories in the live chart including Gantt bars
  • Alerting via website and e-mail
  • Flexible user administration with freely definable groups/roles
  • Audit trail: logged operating actions
  • no limit in the number of application pages, data points, clients and users
  • no client installation: Any device with a web browser can be a client (tablets, smartphones…) – without plug-ins
  • Retention time for historical data configurable
  • PLC monitoring
  • formula-editor
  • Multilingualism

Setting up the HMI system interactively via assistant

FAS-inMOVE guides you reliably on the server with an assistant through the connection of the data points and setting up the alarm criteria. All required components are installed automatically via a setup.
The web visualization of your menu pages is done by graphical designers, without additional programming.
After installation, it takes only a few minutes for the system to record the first data.

Visualization/HMI/SCADA directly with your browser

With FAS-inMOVE, you can display all data on your screen in shortest time and make flexible changes.

Via PC, tablet or smartphone, you can keep an eye on your projects at all times – without extra installation, the web browser is sufficient.

Simply combine your process visualisation – with history recording, alarming and system operation.

Connection of OPC servers. FAS-inMOVE supports the OPC standard and knows no limit in the number of OPC servers. Local or remote – DA or UA.

Definition of data points. Import of entire OPC tree structures or individual branches, import of Siemens PDF. Recording as history or live data point. Flexible recording criteria. Processing of large data point lists via Excel.

Calculated data points. Formula editor for the configuration of calculated data points, e.g. sum of several data points. Function library e.g. for trigonometric functions or complex if-then queries.

Chart-layout. Definition of layouts for individual histories such as color, value range, Gantt bar. The settings are suggestions that can be changed for each individual chart image, even by the operator at runtime.

Alarms. Flexible alerting with escalation strategy via e-mail list, message in the visual and desktop notification. Criteria are limit value violation, status or message bit categorisation of the messages and acknowledgement with comment.

Multilingualism. FAS-inMOVE automatically reads the words and phrases used in your projects. You translate into any desired target language.

Process visualization with the graphical designer

With graphical FAS-Designer you combine your process visualization with finished elements. Your start-project already contains current value and alarm lists, live charting and user management. Add more pages easily – without limits on the number of pages, plant pictures or data points.

It is just as easy to implement cockpit pages: With further charts, data lists, speedometer displays, pie charts, progress bars…

One server license. No limits

FAS-inMOVE license is valid per server

  • no limitation in the number of OPC-connections
  • no limit in the number of data points
  • no limit in the number of operating pages/system pictures
  • no limit in the number of clients/users

Photo credits:© inray Industriesoftware GmbH