Coupling production and SAP®-systems

With the OPC Router, the entire production network can be connected to the office software. The plug-in for SAP® systems from inray is certified as “SAP® Certified Integration with SAP® NetWeaver”.

OPC Router plug-in for connecting SAP®-systems

The plug-in for SAP®-systems enables connection to the ERP-system most frequently used worldwide. The connection is made on the production-side via database plug-in or via OPC plug-in directly to the controllers, on the SAP®-side via standard interfaces IDoc, BAPI or via direct RFC call.

Integrate your entire production with the SAP®-system. Communication between SAP®-system and PLC takes place synchronous via BAPI/RFC or asynchronous via IDocs.

An alternative connection of WebServices is possible.

No limits in the number of data points and connections.

Application Scenarios for coupling with SAP®-Systems

  • Download of production orders and recipes into the production database or directly into the PLC.
  • Storage location-requests by the PLC, releases and transfer orders from SAP®-system in response
  • Production feedback by PLC, booking confirmation by SAP®-system
  • Consumption reports and daily material status reports (with automatic recording without manual intervention)
  • Storage-/retrieval-releases and orders
  • process data acquisition
  • Connection of energy meters

Communication without programming

All communication is set up without programming, but via graphical configuration. If changes are made in a participating system, only the OPC router project usually needs to be adapted. All other communication partners are not affected.

Common SAP-interfaces

BAPI as standard interface

BAPI as standard interface

“BAPI” stands for Business Application Programming Interface (Programming-Interface for Business Applications) and is also the first object-oriented approach in the SAP®-world.

BAPIs are long-lived over many releases and therefore offer a certain degree of implementation security. In addition, they can be developed by the customer himself, whereby SAP® already provides a certain amount of standard BAPIs. BAPIs and function-modules can therefore be called very easily.

IDocs as standard interface
IDocs are structured text documents that are transferred to the SAP®-system or generated by the SAP®-system. The IDoc type defined by the SAP® system determines which elements the IDoc can contain.


IDocs with the OPC Router – sending and receiving easily:
The OPC Router automatically generates the IDoc of the required type, describes it with the current data from the controller (PLC) and/or MES (control system) and sends it to the SAP® system. The SAP® system can activate the OPC router in the opposite way. The OPC Router waits for the IDoc and forwards it to the controller or MES.

RFC-support with the OPC Router

RFC-support with the OPC Router

The OPC Router with the SAP® PlugIn supports RFC calls and integrates into any modern SAP® NetWeaver-architecture.

The OPC Router can also act as an RFC-server via triggers.

SAP® tables can thus be read directly via RFC, for example.

Photo credits: © inray Industriesoftware GmbH