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OPC Router – The industry 4.0-software

The continuous optimization of your production processes is crucial for the quality of your products and ultimately for the success of your company.

Replace old communication channels step by step with the OPC Router – up to complete integration of PLC (programmable logic controller), PCS (process control system), SCADA, SQL-server, label printers, email-server and ERP-systems (ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning).
As a central communication platform, the OPC Router offers you automated data exchange by integrating all systems and isolated solutions.

By recording your process data you have a continuous overview of the current production. In addition, you are completely independent and create new projects yourself. We would be happy to train you!

  • The router is based on standard interfaces for data exchange across all automation levels
  • The recording of process values, production figures, downtimes and -reasons or consumption, provide you with the basis for optimizing your production
  • Connectivity between automated systems is event-driven
  • Individual connections and transfers are created via user-friendly graphical configuration
  • Latest middleware for your IoT- and Industry 4.0-projects
  • Various connection types are implemented via plug-ins

Further information about OPC Router and plug-ins click here:

OPC to SQL – data exchange with SQL-databases

Databases are an important source and target for data at the various production levels. Production processes must be provided with ordering information, recipes or machine data. Large amounts of data are generated and must be stored. All this is an aspect of IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0.

The OPC Router is a middle-software, that connects databases and different sources and thus drives the idea of IoT and Industry 4.0.

Easy implementation and administration maximize remote data access while keeping operating costs low.

  • The OPC Router offers an easy and secure way to access data
  • Independent of the database provider: MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC,…
  • Integration- and ETL-tools for all systems and isolated applications
  • Setting up machine-to-machine applications

OPC UA – the communication-standard of industry 4.0

What is OPC UA? OPC UA is a platform-independent option for communication between different devices. It is used in all automation levels and enables the connection between a variety of systems. OPC UA is therefore treated as one of the most important IoT / Industry 4.0-protocols. The OPC Router operates as OPC client software for OPC DA and OPC UA:

  • With the OPC plug-in, you can read and write data points from OPC servers, ideal for industrial data acquisition from any PLC or other device
  • Full performance for your secure communication
  • Transfers are triggered cyclically when data changes occur, per bit, counter or limit value is exceeded. Bit feedback in case of successful or faulty transfer
  • The OPC router can serve as a data logger machine-to-machine gateway, IoT-driver or gateway between PLC and other systems, such as ERP, database or e-mail

Coupling production and SAP®-systems

With the SAP®-plug-in you can easily connect SAP®-systems (as of R/3 4.5)
For more information about the SAP® plug-in, click here

  • Communication takes place on the SAP®-side via standard interfaces or individually created BAPIs, RFCs or IDocs
  • No programming skills are required, the connection is created conveniently via the graphical configuration
  • Link PLC, MES or other systems directly to SAP and save time by avoiding manual data transfer

Live diagnosis in the OPC Router

  • Live view (visualization) of transmitted data
  • Data transfers can be controlled live and historically
  • Diagnostic messages from transfer objects are displayed directly on the object

Plug-in for automatic e-mail dispatch

Email is still the easiest and fastest way to distribute information to users and integrate it into their normal workflows. With the OPC Router you can create e-mails to any triggers in your system and fill them dynamically with data from different sources.

  • Fault messages, consumption values, production figures and other values from your production are provided in real time
  • Use the SMTP protocol to send e-mails
  • Free definition of e-mail texts with variable fields, filled with information from other data-sources such as PLC (via OPC), databases, ERP / MES systems, …
  • Different types of triggers are sent in emails to control time and conditions

Connection of Web service interfaces

  • The plug-in for ERP-systems ensures data exchange via a web service interface
  • Calling predefined functions after integrating the WSDL-file
  • No further programming is required

The graphic label designer

Creating labels with text, barcode, images or graphic elements is very easy with the OPC Router Onboard Label Designer. The variables are occupied at runtime in OPC Router when label printing is triggered. Supported printer types:

  • Windows printer
  • Zebra (ZPL)
  • Domino (A-line, A-line plus with CODENET)
  • Generic (freely definable TCP-protocol)

The marking of products is an important task in the production shift. Products, marked with false information, are often rejects and therefore very expensive. The direct provision of information from production databases for printers with the OPC Router instead of manual setup can avoid loss of time and money.

Reading and writing Excel-tables

  • Access element for read and write operations
  • Different modes for updating or inserting data into documents
  • Replace manual data entry with automatic data transfer and continue working with your familiar files

Processing text files

  • Quickly reading and processing of large text files
  • Text files in exchange folders of subsystems can be specifically processed and e.g. transferred to databases
  • Integration of existing systems into MES-structure

Server license without limits

  • The licenses for the OPC Router are always valid per server license and include any number of clients, operating pages, data points or connections.
  • Thanks to modular licensing, our software pays for itself even when using fewer functions
  • Each plug-in is licensed separately, additional plug-ins can be licensed at any time

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