OPC routers and SAP® systems

Coupling production and SAP® systems
The OPC Router connects your entire production network to the office software. The module used is certified as “SAP® Certified Integration with SAP® NetWeaver”.*

Coupling production and SAP®-systems

The OPC router plug-in enables you to connect your production processes with the most frequently used ERP-system worldwide. Instead of complex SAP® solutions, you use standard interfaces. You don’t need any programming knowledge, you just create the connection via graphical configuration.

Synchronous communication between SAP®-system and PLC via BAPI/RFC, asynchronous communication via IDocs is possible. There is no limit to the number of data points and connections. A transfer call is also possible from SAP®-system via RFC.

*The software module, used to connect to the SAP systems is certified. SAP®, SAP® NetWeaver, BAPI are registered trademarks of SAP® AG in Germany and many other countries.

Coupling with SAP®-systems in the company

  • Download of production orders
    and recipes into the production
    database or directly into the PLC
  • Storage location enquiries by the PLC, releases and transfer orders
    from SAP® system in response
  • Production confirmation by
    PLC, booking confirmation
    via SAP®-system.
  • consumption-reports and
    daily material status information
    (for automatic entry
    without manual intervention).
  • Storage-/retrieval-releases and
  • Process data acquisition
  • Connection of energy meters

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