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For 25 years we have been the leading specialist for software in the areas of Industry 4.0, IoT, connectivity, HMI/SCADA, MES and data acquisition. As our core services, we provide consultancy, planning, implementation and training.

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Our product licences are always valid for the server, without limitation as to users or operator stations. The application server can be extended by new projects at any time – even by yourself.

We have been living Industry 4.0 since 1995

When Manfred Radtke founded inray Industriesoftware GmbH in 1995, electronic and computer development were well on their way. The spirit of the times called for connectivity and data communication in industry, thereby pointing out the path to success. After many successful individual programs for plant communication, it soon became clear that individual software was not the ultimate solution to the lack of digitisation seen in industry. In 1999, Sören Rose, who has been managing director for many years now, joined the company and the search for uniform ways to simplify and standardise industrial data communications began.

The OPC Foundation was also launched in the mid-nineties, aiming to create the worldwide communication standard. OPC defines a standardised means of accessing controllers and machines. This naturally played out to the advantage of inray and the steep success story took its course. Standard products were developed, which took advantage of the extensive communication possibilities of OPC and thereby distributed information from the production line to the entire company. Many a customer had a cheerful twinkle in their eye as the production process “became transparent”.

This triumphant advance of digitisation in production has been the central theme at inray from the very beginning. More than a quarter of a century has gone by in the meantime, and inray has more than 60 loyal employees and is growing rapidly.

Finally, the year 2022 brings far-reaching changes in the inray management. Managing Director and inray company founder Manfred Radtke will leave at the turn of the year 2021/2022 and will no longer be part of the inray management. The already long-standing CEO Sören Rose will now receive partnership support here from Bo Biene and Mike Elsen.

Today we know that we are working on nothing less than the next industrial revolution. Our motto is our passion: “Making manufacturing transparent!”

Our products

The OPC Router is the central communication platform for your industrial projects. Our software connects a wide range of different OT and IT systems via drag & drop – whether PLCs, controllers, printers, RFID and barcode systems or database, cloud, SAP and other ERP and office systems.

manubes is a powerful cloud platform for industrial production management. With manubes, production data, systems and processes can be mapped, structured, monitored and managed in the cloud. As a cloud platform, manubes offers worldwide access via web browser and features a modern security and authorization concept.

The world’s leading OPC server KEPServerEX, made by Kepware, connects devices and applications, from the controls of the manufacturing plant to enterprise information systems. With drivers for more than 160 different controllers, it provides all the options you need to implement your OPC Classic/DA and OPC UA networking, as well as Industry 4.0.

The Factory Application Server FAS is our lean, web-based software for HMI/SCADA and MES applications. It can be used on all HTML5-based systems.

Kepware KEPServerEX
inray FAS

Our services

Our main services include consultancy, planning, implementation and training. Project development in the BDE/MES/lab area is our daily business. We develop your customised applications based on our own software products.

The structures that already exist in your company form part of the individual concept for your project. We turn your project into a reality using individual connection concepts and integrate your systems and peripherals using standard interfaces. Extensive project coordination is made possible by working together with other suppliers and service providers. We support you on site while our software is commissioned to ensure a smooth start, and our support team remains available to you afterwards at all times. New acquisition channels, applications and new devices can be added at any time to extend your project.

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You have questions about our company or one of our products? Then please send us a message using our contact form. We will be happy to help.

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We know how important it is to work in a good atmosphere. You too can benefit from flexible working hours, a home office option, a kitchenette and a cafeteria. Take a look at our Vacancies .

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Our technology partners will be happy to help you with your projects and support you with the necessary know-how. 

Systems integrator

Our system integrators help you with your digital system landscape. They build it up and provide it with their know-how and support in the future. 

International distributors

inray has distributors worldwide who support us. Have a look at our partners. 

Our technology partners

Our system integrators

Become a partner

As an inray system integrator

If you operate in the broad field of automation and your portfolio complements our services and products, we are a perfect match. We would be happy to send you further details about the advantages of being an inray system integrator and the requirements you need to fulfil.

As a Kepware system integrator

You are interested in KEPServerEX and would like to become our sales partner? We would be happy to send you further details about the advantages of being an Kepware system integrator and the requirements you need to fulfil.

As an ERP service provider

Use our know-how and our software to connect the data from production networks with your ERP projects. Data from plant control systems are available company-wide virtually in real time, e.g. for analyses, KPIs and or material postings. Conversely, production orders and approvals are sent straight to the machines. 

As an automation specialist

Use our products to supplement your own range – and vice versa!

As a system designer

Use our Factory Application Sever to create control systems that can be set up quickly – with your own “look & feel”, of course. Implementing entire industry solutions based on configurable interfaces and database structures becomes child’s play. Our partners in this field benefit not only from the fast pace of new developments, but also from the need-based expansion of the standard modules.

As a freelance consultant

If you work in an industrial environment and would like to represent our products in cooperation with our sales department, then give us a call!

As a distribution partner for the OPC Router

As an international sales partner for the OPC Router, you will support our international customers by providing comprehensive product know-how and a high level of service and consulting competence. Follow this link to see which international partners are already on board: manubes newsletter.

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is just a few clicks away

We are a young, dynamic company of around 70 employees and one of the market leaders for Industry 4.0 software. Join our team!


Your new job is
is just a few clicks away

We are a young, dynamic company of around 70 employees and one of the market leaders for Industry 4.0 software. Join our team!

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