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Via support hotline: +49 4892-89008-20 or via E-Mail:

If the suggested solutions are difficult to give over the phone, we offer all customers the direct exchange via TeamViewer: We look at your desktop, remotely control your computer if necessary and show you step by step how to solve your problem.

How does it work?

  • You use the button to download the client and run it.
  • You tell us (by phone) the ID and password.
  • The connection is established - even across the firewall. Now we see your desktop and can fix the problem directly on your computer. Or show you how it works.
  • You end the session. If you delete the TeamViewer client only one log file remains. No backdoors, no system changes.

How safe is this process?

Very safe. The data is encrypted with 256 bit directly between customer and master module. There is no installation on your system. If you delete the customer module after maintenance, only the log file remains, which has recorded all our actions. You can see on the screen which files we access and can immediately interrupt the connection via your TeamViewer panel.

If you have any questions, please contact our support by phone: 04892/89008-20 or via E-Mail:


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