inray is "Top Medium-Sized Employer 2023"

inray Top Employer 2023
inray Top Employer 2023

Every year, the magazine FOCUS BUSINESS surveys the top employers of medium-sized companies. The survey is unique and special in its form, because it is based on the evaluations of employees.

Award as an expression of appreciation


For the management team, which has existed in this constellation for one year, this award is something especially noteworthy: It expresses the appreciation that our employees hold for us as an employer. That makes us very proud and pleased.” Bo Biene, Sören Rose and Mike Elsen (from left to right) all agree on.

What employees say about inray


The positive aspects mentioned repeatedly in the evaluations are how flexible, fair, appreciative and motivating inray appears to be as an employer. Alongside the open culture, the opportunity to contribute and develop within the team also plays a major role for employees. Equally praiseworthy mentions are given to the family-friendliness, the excellent atmosphere and the working climate. 

Details of the study and survey


A total of 338,000 employee evaluations of over 35,000 companies were included in the study. The companies are employers based in Germany that employ between 11 and 500 people and meet numerous predefined criteria. FOCUS developed the methodology for the survey together with the research institute FactField.

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