New management at inray


2022 has arrived and brings a big change for inray

In addition to a new calendar year, the turn of the year not only brings numerous new challenges, but also far-reaching changes in the inray management. As of this year, Managing Director and inray founder Manfred Radtke wants to dedicate himself to new personal challenges and is no longer part of the inray management. Manfred Radtke founded inray 27 years ago and has since contributed to the company's consistent and healthy growth - for which the entire inray family would like to thank him. In the inray management, our already long-standing managing director Sören Rose now receives partnership support from Bo Biene and Mike Elsen.

The new management builds on existing successes and continues to look to the future with optimism

Sören Rose bids farewell to Manfred Radtke, looking back on his great commitment over the past years: "I would like to express my sincere thanks to Manfred Radtke. He has helped inray to achieve healthy growth in more than 25 years and created the conditions for staying on the technological ball in exciting projects with well-known industrial companies". With an optimistic view of future tasks, however, Sören Rose also welcomes the new appointments: "I am expressly pleased to have found ideal successors in Bo Biene and Mike Elsen, so that together we can safely drive forward the further global growth and development of inray".
Bo Biene, who has been employed at inray for many years, also has words of gratitude: "The cooperation and technical developments together with Manfred Radtke and Sören Rose over more than fifteen years have laid a successful and innovative foundation. I would also like to expressly thank Manfred for his commitment. Together with Sören, he has provided solid and reliable leadership to the entire inray family during a time that has brought many challenges. I now wish him every success in his future endeavours and at the same time look forward to tackling new and exciting tasks with Sören and Mike."
Mike Elsen, who was head of sales in the past, also expresses his gratitude to the former management: "Manfred Radtke and Sören Rose have given me the opportunity to achieve joint sales and company goals in the past years in an innovative way, at eye level and with pleasure in the work. I would like to express my sincere thanks for this and at the same time look forward to working with Sören and Bo on an expanded level to build on the numerous past successes."

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