For diversity and tolerance

At a time when exclusion and xenophobia are on the rise again, it is more important than ever to send out a clear signal for democracy, diversity and tolerance.

These values are very important to us at inray. We support the idea of the #NieWiederIstJetzt campaign and want to make our position clear: Xenophobia and exclusion have no place in our society.

Diversity as a strength

In our society, diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences enrich our community and contribute to the development of innovative solutions.

Everyone, regardless of origin, religion or gender, is welcome and deserves respect.

Our commitment

We are against discrimination in any form and are actively committed to an open and tolerant society. At inray, we work every day to live and promote these values in our daily interactions.

Let us stand up together for a future in which exclusion and xenophobia have no place. Now is the time to act - for democracy, diversity and a strong Europe.

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