Webinars for OPC Router and KEPServerEX

inray Webinare
inray Webinare

Experience our products live, very simply, on your screen

Our free and non-binding webinars give you a deeper insight into our software products - transparently and from person to person. The training sessions always take place on Thursdays and last about one hour. They are product-specific and each session covers a topic related to a specific application or plug-in. 

Industry 4.0 Data Transfer - Webinars for the OPC Router

The OPC Router is the data hub for implementing your Industry 4.0 projects. It connects systems vertically and horizontally, from sensor and controller to ERP and cloud, from printer and scale to MES, SCADA or LIMS. With the large number of available plug-ins, you too can quickly find the solution for your connectivity project.

Topics of OPC Router Webinars 

The OPC Router webinars are naturally about the OPC Router, but also about the many systems that can be connected. Central topics are among others:

  • Communication with ERP systems (SAP and others)
  • Connection of cloud systems via REST and MQTT (AWS, Azure, IBM Watson, Mindsphere, etc.)
  • Data exchange with databases (including MS SQL, Oracle, InfluxDB, MongoDB)
  • General topics related to connectivity and data exchange and deeper insights into OPC Router

Industry 4.0 Communication - Webinars on Kepware's KEPServerEX OPC server

The OPC UA server KEPServerEX is the basis for your industry 4.0 communication. It connects devices and applications from controllers for production plants to enterprise information systems. Its robust OPC server platform has established itself over many years as an important standard solution for establishing OPC communication.

Themen der KEPServerEX Webinare

In the KEPServerEX webinars we teach the most important basics for the practical use and benefits of OPC. In practical examples control connections are shown and the integration in client applications is carried out. For extended use, we also offer topic blocks with topics for advanced users. Topics such as cloud connection with the IoT Gateway, OPC DA to OPC UA conversion with the Connectivity Suite and special drivers (e.g. Euromap 63) are covered here.

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