Industry 4.0 – just a catchword?

Not for us: With the OPC Router, we have been providing a proven platform for years to collect and merge data and to provide information at the right place at the right time. Our contribution to your industry 4.0 projects.

OPC Router – the industry 4.0 software

  • Software router for automatic communication
  • Coupling of databases, PLCs, printers, SAP-systems, web services, mail dispatch…
  • Data hub for industry 4.0-projects

Factory Application Server FAS

  • one production portal – 100% web
  • combines all MES-applications on a uniform web interface
  • Individual authorizations via Web browser
  • from data entry to production management


  • web-based process visualization
  • Histories, Charts and Alarms
  • plain HTML5
  • universal BDE/MDE-Tool
  • Data hub for industry 4.0-projects
  • Audit trail: logged operating-actions


  • Energieverbräuche visualisieren und überwachen – 100% Web
  • herstellerunabhängig durch offene Standardschnittstellen
  • Verbrauchsüberwachung nach ISO 50001
  • eine Serverlizenz, Datenpunkte und Clients lizenzfrei

LIMS WinLaisy

  • complete laboratory system with uniform data storage
  • Edit samples, start evaluations
  • Interfaces to external systems
  • Coupling with analysis devices, controls…

OPC-Server KEPServerEX

  • powerful communication platform
  • with drivers for more than 150 different controls
  • reliable data basis via OPC-UA interface
  • via REST and MQTT you connect the Internet of Things

PLC coupling with SAP systems

  • Production and SAP-systems connect to the OPC router
  • no programming
  • Communication via BAPI/RFC and asynchronously via IDocs
  • no limits in the number of data points and connections
Photo credits: © Industrieblick –, © inray Industriesoftware GmbH