WinLaisy – Effective laboratory management

The powerful LIMS WinLaisy makes your laboratory administration and documentation simple and effective. Thanks to open program-interfaces WinLaisy connects numerous laboratory and peripheral devices.

WinLaisy – intuitive and effective

The extensive laboratory system with individual device-connection offers high operating comfort for fast manual data input. From any Windows workstation you can access the master data, process samples and start evaluations.

The system is put into operation by us and adapted to your laboratory equipment.

Technical Specifications

  • Uniform data storage for the entire laboratory
  • Interfaces to external systems (PLCs, MES, ERP…)
  • automatic data transfer via connected analysis-devices
  • Central master-data-management with flexible inspection-plan-organization
  • Sample processing with audit trail
  • automatic preparation of samples according to schedule
  • Individual evaluation jobs
  • graphic label designer

Manage your master data

With WinLaisy you can define analysis groups and analyses for your test-methods. They build product-groups, products and articles themselves with flexible criteria for identification and traceability. You mark your samples with barcode labels. The appointment calendar provides for automatic creation of new samples, so that no product, article or customer-related planning is omitted. During the analysis, you have the option of monitoring the release of individual products with warning and limit values. The administration of rights for user assignment can be configured individually.

Sample processing and analysis

Your possibilities with WinLaisy

Sample processing

  • Automatic generation of samples based on inspection plans and the appointment calendar
  • Preparing and editing of the samples, entering or transferring results and valuation
  • Memory- and resubmission-lists
  • Audit-Trail
  • Adding further analyses-/test-plans in addition to the specification


  • individually defined layouts and evaluation jobs
  • Test reports (order- and product-related)
  • Quick overviews
  • statistic
  • data export
  • Evaluation directly in Excel-template
  • Outlier-statistics
  • mail dispatch

Test plans & analysis plans

Inspection-plans serve as templates for sampling and analysis

Inspection-plans serve as templates for sampling and analysis


  • summarize all analyses required for a specific product
  • “know” where data come from (analysis device or manual input)
  • contain product-related warning and limit values for each analysis
  • propose the appropriate evaluation
  • know, which barcode labels are required

When a sample is created for a product, the stored inspection plan initiates all necessary operations. Flexibility is maintained: Supplementary analyses are possible for each individual sample.

Analysis-plans control analysis-cycles and minimize analyses in selected processing-steps


Analysis-plans control analysis-cycles and minimize analyses in selected processing-steps


  • control, beyond the inspection plan, how often individual analyses are carried out
  • limit the examination of individual parameters in a sample series
  • can be assigned to individual processing-steps

Taking the inspection plan into account, different samples with the required analyses are automatically generated for a sample series.

Couple WinLaisy with your analysers

WinLaisy offers the possibility of external system integration. Your analysis device or other external systems (MES, ERP) can be used as a data basis:

  • Connection/data-transfer to truck-scale
  • Transfer of values from data supplying devices (e.g. FT1, FT120, MS133, FoodScan, Lactoscope)
  • Transfer of values from system controls (PLC)
  • Production data-acquisition and transfer to WinLaisy
  • Interface to FAS: Integration of FAS-pages with lab-relevant data from PDA, e.g. for sample creation from the MES

Live-tracking of analyses

The independent data-management (SQL) enables external systems to access the analyses.

For example, if you use the Factory Application Server for visualization and production-monitoring, you can read the current results from automatically performed and recorded analyses. These results are integrated into the production-visualization as value display or list.

Traceability-systems can also be coupled with WinLaisy.

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